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Some picture of myself
Some picture of myself

All my decisions in life have geared towards me wanting to draw along with the belief of not being able to. For instance; I started designing websites thinking that’s the best I could do. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it’s so much more to it than just design. And that’s all I wanted. Design, not code.

So, I started doing logos, branding, packaging and such with the same state of mind as before. Not being able to draw. Doing logos and illustrations meant to simplify things. This was something I learned a lot from. But doing branding work meant doing stuff for other people. And also; I was still thinking, I can’t draw, so I won’t draw.

I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and how people operate but also how they reach success in their lives, not financially necessary. This lead me to question. How could I, someone who doesn’t believe in himself, learn something he’s really passionate about? The answer is kinda simple and Nike-like. Just do it. So that is what I’ve been doing ever since. How did I get there? I have one simple rule. Touch a piece of paper with a pen every single day. No matter how small or big of a sketch I’ll make that day. No matter how crappy the piece will be. Doing the most basic thing possible made me just wanted to do more.

I also came to the conclusion that when it comes to perfecting your skills it’s all about quantity, not quality. I mean if you spend hours perfecting one drawing you won’t really be doing that much. But if you do ten drawings at least one will turn out good, or nearly as good as you hoped. So alongside sketching every day, I make sure to always move on to the next page. This is something I strongly believe in and is kind of a mantra for this website. Never stay satisfied. Just keep going. Because no matter how good of an artist you are, you will never really be finished. So why would you ever stay satisfied? It’s all about the process, right?

Every workspace needs a miniumum of one pet. We have five. Here's my workspace featuring Bosse.

10% of the profit goes to Cancer sick children.

Of personal gratefulness, I donate 10% of my profit to the Swedish Children’s Cancer Fund.

A few days after I was born, the doctors discovered something was wrong with me. I had cancer. So, nine days after my birth I was lying there with my newly found brain tumor removed. Now we have to remember, at this time being, a brain tumor usually led to death.

After surgery, the surgeon told my parents that the operation was a failure, your baby will not have any possibility to survive. I was transferred to a special care department for children who were expected to die. A deeply depressing place with many suffering children. My parents couldn’t stand it, they brought me home.

After a couple of weeks, the hospital phoned my parents. They wanted to test a new directly mortal cocktail of toxins on me. Since I was newborn, my reparability was much bigger than for an adult person. I had a 30% chance of surviving. That made my mother confused. Either he dies, or survives, I think there is a 50% chance of survival, she said. As you’ve probably figured out, I fixed my mother’s wish for a 50% survival.

Even if this toxin & all the amazing doctors fixed my brain it is thanks to my parents & family’s constant flow of love & play at the hospital that I really live my life. Because after all, it is our thoughts that determine how we choose to live our lives. Therefore, you and I contribute with 10% of this store’s profit to the Cancer Fund which hopefully will return the same hope and love as my parents gave me.

Some picture of myself

Me in the hospital

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