Hognose Tee


The reason why I chose this specific tee instead of some regular cotton model is simple. These tees are probably the softest, coziest tees I’ve ever worn. The quality is just amazing. It features 50% polyester, 25% combined ringspun cotton and 25% rayon which makes for a nice vintage and textured feel to it, and it is sturdy. With its combination of material, it might just last for a lifetime. Its weight is less than 100 g (3.5 oz).

Use it at home on the sofa watching your favorite movie, take it with you on your holiday, or just to impress that special someone in your life.

For more info regarding the tee, visit Bella+Canvas

* colors on screens may vary

Of personal gratefulness, 10% of the profit of this purchase goes to the Swedish Children’s Cancer Fund.
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  • 50% polyester
  • 25 % combined ringspun cotton
  • 25% rayon

Size guide

Length (inches)28293031
Width (inches)18202224
Length (cm)71747679
Width (cm)46515661

Pricing explained simply

The whole idea with this store is to have a place to put my art & illustrations out there. Because that is what it is all about. The art. Therefore, I think it is only fair of me to explain what you will be paying for if you were to purchase anything and support my artistic journey.

So basically it works like this. Each item someone purchases is made upon ordering. This means that even-though manufacturing & fulfillment costs are a bit higher than usual I don’t have to focus on packing orders, rent a storage facility and so on. Instead, I can focus on creating stuff. Being a Swede and having a business here means I have to pay taxes and other fees. A LOT of them. So if we were to put this into some kind of context, every purchased item basically gives me one cup of coffee here in Sweden. But that’s ok because I think art should be available to everyone. So, if you enjoy my creations don’t hesitate to spread the word, it would help tremendously!

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