Where it all started

As I’ve said before, all my decisions in life have geared towards me wanting to draw, along with the belief of not being able to. It all started with me being born. You see, I was born with a brain tumor. This left me unfortunately with a slight disability on the left side of my body. One thing is that I can’t move my left-hand fingers properly. Also, whenever I flex my right hand the left side does the same. So starting school I knew one thing. I was different. Someone else might tackle the situation differently but I quickly realized that what other people could do, I couldn’t. Catch a ball in P.E, knit, or even play Gameboy. And the things I could do took a long time as well. A lot longer. God forbid if my shoelaces untied during a class trip somewhere. I would have to run back to my class.

Now I know, there are worse problems to have than this. And hey, it did make me come up with new ways to do things, sparking my creativity I guess. But being me, it primarily meant that I strongly believed that I wasn’t able to do things others could.

Being born with cancer and almost dying makes your loved ones a bit crazy as well. They start helping you in different ways. Stuff that you at that age should be able to do by yourself. I don’t blame them, I’d probably do the same. Who wouldn’t? And it wasn’t like I stopped them. But I think it did mess up my thinking. Because here I am already thinking I couldn’t do things others could while at the same time getting help with those things. That enforced my beliefs even more.

My introduction to art

At 7-8 years old, I learned that my mom was a ninja with the canvas. I was I M P R E S S E D. But that quickly morphed into the same feeling I’ve had for my whole life at that age. I can’t do it. She can but I can’t. This turned out to be true. I mean as soon as I tried to draw something, the results weren’t even close to her masterpieces. So I didn’t really pursue it more. Nonetheless, as time went by I was still thinking that I really wanted to draw. I couldn’t shake that feeling. But every time I tried I failed.

But being me means you get to be quite stubborn. If you always have to do things your way and take your time, it will make you a stubborn person. So as I said, I couldn’t shake that feeling. So I kept trying to draw. I drew logos, websites, everything that was remotely close to actually learning to draw. Because I really wanted to draw but never believed I could go all the way. So it took a long time until I pursued it for real.

Eventually, I started pursuing art

We’ve always had this mindset in our family to do what you love in life. Especially with work since that is something you do 8-12 hours a day. Doing websites, creating logos and stuff was fulfilling but it has never been my dream. I try to think of it more in terms of; What would I do with my time if AI would make us never work ever again? Well, I’d draw.

Slowly but consistently I started to pursuing art for real. I started to watch Youtube tutorials, read books, drew every day, and before I knew it. I was much more comfortable drawing.

So I started this store

So this made me start this store. Now even though I’d love to do art for free I don’t think it would be possible in the world we live in today. That would mean I would have to do something really unsatisfying 8-12 hours a day as well. That wouldn’t just be that life fulfilling I think.

No, but the real reason I started this store is actually to motivate myself and hopefully others as well to start running towards your dreams and keep working on them. You can see it as a window into someone who never gives up. As I’ve said before. Never stay satisfied.

First and foremost, I think all mankind should follow their dreams. Secondly, I think we’re never finished learning a new skill. Also, nowadays I think many people have it hard finding that motivation and the strength to believe in themselves. Especially for those who are young. There are a lot of ideals to live up to and because of the internet, people who do make it doing what they love to do get A LOT of exposure. So I think for some it might feel like everyone else is succeeding in life and they are not. By showing where I come from and how my journey’s been I hope that will give you who doesn’t believe in yourself at least a bit more confidence to stand up and start running.

If you want, you can read more about me over at my story. But for all of you who want to take an even deeper look into my life, I wanted to give you a place for that. That is why I started this blog. Also, besides drawing, I’ve always enjoyed writing. The things I write might not be grammatically correct but I’m working on it. Bare with me.

Favorites right now

Now since this is an art store and you have come this far to read my babble I suppose you’re interested in art and myself. Here are some of my favorite creations.

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